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Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

The Internet started accommodating multi-media with the rise of the web. The friendly graphical user interfaces also led to the creation of social media networks. Instagram is one such service that facilitates photo and video sharing. It is also conducive for deploying effective ad campaigns.

Instagram content includes visual images, textual ads, posts, and stories. We create and promote such high-quality content to customers' feeds. Our experts know the ins and outs of this platform. So, they devise winning strategies that increase brand equity, site traffic, sales, and business profits.

Business Requirements

Instagram ads have to be targeted to capture customers' attention. But a winning strategy should also factor in a client's budget. At Techdigitalworld, we find the perfect balance and provide a wide array of solutions. We create and manage the campaigns with an eye on lead generation.

We assign a dedicated marketer to interact with the client. We point out the target demographics based on age, gender, purchasing capacity, and online behaviour. We also target localized customers with specific interests and hobbies. And we set up the ad campaign to reach this niche audience.

Sponsored Content

Instagram is a powerful, visual platform for the modern generation. Hence our ads are also designed to reach a larger audience. The posted ads look like regular content on the customers' feed. But they are also marked with the "Sponsored" label for easy identification.

We deliver different types of advertising content with an eye on targets. Our photos, videos, stories, and collection ads are top-notch. Also, we time the posting of carousel and Instagram Shopping ads. We aim to increase brand visibility, generate new leads, and increase client sales.

Facebook Integration

Our strategy includes the connection of the Facebook page to the Instagram account. We use an integrated set of tools to create excellent ads. Our professionals can also set up a new page with fresh and impactful business content. We also monitor, customize, and schedule the best ads.

We can manage all the technicalities like authentication and cross posting. Our experts optimize the business account and set up Instagram triggers. They deliver a fully integrated marketing solution that meets the client's expectations and demands.

Strategic Solutions
  • We deliver a brand-focused text strategy to reach maximum customers. The content will be, concise, sweet, and up-to-the point. We can also handle versatile and robust text that highlights the client's products.
  • TechDigitalWorld delivers a strategic solution with emphasis on products. We focus on showcasing the client's brand and services to increase sales. Our Instagram specialists use captivating and colourful images in the ads.
  • Our image content will have high resolution and the correct dimensions. We grab and retain the attention of customers with attractive imagery. The client's Instagram material is published on time to create a compelling marketing strategy.

Advertising Costs

Instagram is also used for remarketing, sales funnelling, catalogue sales, and customer engagement. Our pricing plans take account of cost per click and cost per impression. We also factor in the audience, competitors, posting schedules, etc. Our Instagram experts lower the costs by setting up an effective delivery method. We charge transparent, reasonable rates with strict budget control.

We at TechDigitalWorld charge transparent, reasonable rates with strict budget control.