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PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

PPC or pay per click is a powerful online advertising model. It is very efficient in measuring the marketing performance of a brand. The ad gurus at TechDigitalWorld use this technique to promote a client's products and services. We bring in more traffic to the website and increase sales. Precious digital ad space is found on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is also available on the client's websites and social media accounts. And you can rely on popular and influential websites for more ad space. Our PPC experts have a complete grasp of all these coherent marketing avenues.

Paid Ads

As the name suggests, clients incur a cost only when searchers click the ad. These adverts can be in the form of textual or visual content. Our specialists can design high-quality sponsored ads. These brand ads are linked to the client's website and get prominently displayed on SERPs.

Banner Ads

Display advertising is also a viable strategy to improve brand awareness. Banners or image-based adverts are designed and displayed on websites. They usually appear on the sides, top or bottom of relevant website pages. Users click them and get diverted to the client's website.


Sometimes, searchers are only looking for product information. They visit the client's website and browse the catalogues. Such visitors have to be targeted once again using remarketing methods. TechDigitalWorld uses PPC ads to retarget these customers for sales conversion.

Our Strategies

TechDigitalWorld offers practical PPC ad services to the clients. Our solutions are inexpensive, targeted, and result-oriented. We do not comprise on quality and deliver these impeccable services –

Google Adwords (Google Ads)

We use the marketing platform to design and execute ad campaigns. Our team is fully qualified to handle this advertising service. We use the paid ad strategies to boost website traffic and sales. We also ward off competitors and analyse the searcher's behaviour, intent, and interests.

Keyword Research

Our keyword analysis delivers competitive and popular words. We select the most relevant words and build excellent PPC ads. Our specialists use the latest PPC tools and bid with the best words. Our low-cost services are effective in bringing more customers to the site.

Ad Management

We can deliver targeted ads using a systematic and successful approach. The customers are tactically segmented and logically organized into ad groups. TechDigitalWorld also crafts, publishes and promotes the most striking ad copies.

Bidding Techniques

We plan a constructive bidding strategy to lower the cost of PPC ads. Our technically strong team boosts the results without increasing the budget. We carry out automatic bidding after factoring in all the variables. We take into account campaign goals, available budget, and impression share. Our strategy also factors in cost per acquisition and return on ad spends.

Conversion Rates

The average conversion rates for both search and display networks are relevant. We offer efficacious marketing tactics to convert visitors into customers. For higher conversion rates, we deliver compelling PPC ads. We also design and publish the most attractive landing pages. And our PPC professionals deliver the best performance metrics including click-through-rates.