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Paid Search

Paid Search

SEO is ideal for engaging and diverting organic traffic to a client's website. In the digital marketing realm, this is not the only viable option. Clients can also choose a paid search strategy to accrue multiple benefits. TechDigitalWorld has the skills and discipline to implement such effective plans.

Online marketing is designed to connect searchers with products. These searchers rely on portals like Google and Bing to find interesting brands and services. The job of marketing consultants is to offer inexpensive, scalable services. Our services assist both customers as well as businesses.

How Does Paid Search Work?

Paid search, also known as pay per click, is a search engine marketing (SEM) service. Unlike SEO, the client has to allocate more advertising budget. Once they consult with TechDigitalWorld, our PPC experts take over. They design, publish, and submit engaging ads using the pay-per-click model.

In this model, the client does not pay until someone clicks the ad. The ad itself is displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). Text ads are typically shown at the top or bottom of SERPs. While online shopping ads are prominently displayed at the top of the results page.

The advantage of paid search over banner ads is quite considerable. The searcher's intent is already clear i.e. he or she is actively looking for products and services. So, this is an ideal opportunity to promote brands and increase product sales. Moreover, the metrics are also easy to track and report.

TechDigitalWorld offers a comprehensive paid search solution. We handle everything from keyword research to ad design and bidding for ad space. Our experts focus on the results and calculate the conversion rates. They also keep track of returns on investment to satisfy the client.

What Is Promoted?

Brand ads

We do market research and devise a brand awareness strategy. Our paid search experts increase the client's brand awareness using creative tactics. We research, analyse, and select the most viable brand terms. We also strategize the bidding process in AdWords for these keywords.

Top services

Many popular and influential websites have a large number of daily visitors. You can bid for ad space and display the brand ads with embedded links. The ads will appear at the top or bottom of a page to catch the visitor's eye.

Product listings

We design a competitive shopping campaign for the client's brand. We promote your online and physical store inventory. Our experts boost website and foot traffic to increase your sales. We leverage the power of Google Ads and design excellent product listings. The product's photo, title, price, store name, etc., will be included in the ad.


We also promote video ad content that matches the searcher's intent. The informative content reaches the user, arouses interest, and engages him or her for sales funnelling. Our professionals are also efficient in promoting paid ads that increase business app downloads and installations. TechDigitalWorld offers cutting-edge paid services to clients. We deliver advanced solutions such as location and device bids as well as shopping campaigns. Our services are inexpensive, flexible, and scaled to suit the client's business requirements. Call our support team for more details.

  • We reach a targeted audience based on keywords, demographics, and product-relevant websites. We also deliver topical ads and serve various interest groups on the web.
  • Our vibrant content promises clutter-free images, the right language, and catchy text. We strategize the banner deliveries to ensure sales leads and remarketing success.
  • Banner ad specialists at TechDigitalWorld also enhance user interaction. We promote display ads with call to actions and fill-up forms.
  • Finally, our performance metrics are accurate, timely, and reliable. We count impressions, reach, click-through, and conversion rates to evaluate marketing success.