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Text Advertising

Text Advertising

Online sales are dependent on search engines like Google and Bing. Customers search these portals to find interesting products and services. Start-ups and small businesses operate e-commerce sites to attract such buyers. But due to heavy competition, they have to advertise the site and attract traffic.

Text advertising is intrinsically tied with the words typed on search engines. The searchers normally type a keyword or phrase to find information on products and services. The result of the search is a page that lists business website links. And these results are displayed in descending ranking order.

TechDigitalWorld understands the ins and outs of search engines. We have specialists who research the searcher's intentions. They also know how the search engine algorithms rate a website. They apply this knowledge to design high-quality, impactful text-based advertising strategies.

Excellent Solutions

Text advertising is a paid search engine marketing (SEM) technique. The paid promotions reach the viewers in multiple languages. The advertising model is also transparent as the viewer is aware that it is sponsored content. TechDigitalWorld designs and deploys high-quality, contextual text ads.

Google Networks

Google offers specialized business Ad services to advertising companies. It auctions ad space for text and image ads. At TechDigitalWorld we have experts who manage the ad auction, bid amounts, and quality scores. Our text ad display strategies include Google's results pages, search networks, display networks, and search partners.

Relevant Keywords

Text ad composition cannot begin without knowing some key issues. They include searcher's intent, popular keywords, and phrases. Our experts can research and analyse the keywords to deliver an efficient solution. We select frequently used words that are relevant to the client.

Text Ad Composition

Text ads are ideal for promoting a client's products on Google Search Network. We assist the client through each step from Ads account creation to ad composition and delivery. Our specialists follow the best ad policies to generate mobile and desktop-friendly text ads.

Expanded Text Ads

We design and build the most effective basic and expanded text ads. Our ad content is accurate and it has all the relevant components. We choose the best headlines, description text, URL, and path fields. We also include the best product and service descriptions along with calls to action.

Click-Through-Rates (CTR)

Our optimized text ads are guaranteed to return higher impressions. They also increase the click-through rate (CTR) count. We ensure that more number of visitors click the ad and visit the client's website. This action will improve lead generation, and increase the sales and subscriptions. Our experts leverage all their skills in helping the client achieve more profits.

Cost-Effective Services

Text advertising works because of informative content and mobile-friendly location features. Since it is part of the PPC advertising model, there will be extra costs. These expenses are dependent on the auction system, average CPC, and competitive keywords. To satisfy the client, TechDigitalWorld implements strict budgetary controls. We offer flexible pricing plans and affordable rates for retailers and small businesses. Contact our customer services advisor for more details.