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Bulk Email Packages

Bulk Email Packages

Email communications are a successful marketing technique to earn high returns. TechDigitalWorld has bulk email specialists who design targeted advertising campaigns. Our solutions include sales leads, fresh solicitations, and newsletters. We offer flexible and low-cost bulk email packages

What is bulk email?

The bulk email refers to business messages meant for large groups. Large quantities of emails are sent at the same time. The short or long-form messages typically consist of advertising and marketing content. TechDigitalWorld avoids spam and junk mail to deliver high-quality, impactful messages.

Sophisticated Services

TechDigitalWorld reaches the inboxes of new and existing customers. We assist clients with carefully crafted marketing campaigns. Our experts use professional tools and offer colourful, designer-quality mail templates. We can manage high volumes of transactional, promotional emails.


We use automated tools to manage mailing lists and set up marketing campaigns. We create promos, triggers, alerts, forms, etc., with formatted text, images, emoticons, and designs.


Our mail experts utilize the best delivery software and services. They can handle SMTP protocols, APIs, and web interfaces with great ease.


We analyse the customers' responses to call-to-action messages. Our specialists use Google Analytics and other tools to generate insightful reports and sales metrics.


Our professionals employ tactics like sales funnels, lead generation, and follow-up emails. They send fast, personalized messages to retain customers.

Who benefits from bulk email?

Small businesses and start-ups operate on local, regional, and state levels. Their online growth is powered by fast communications and connectivity. Marketing consultants like TechDigitalWorld assist these companies to achieve their sales targets. We have email specialists who can deliver targeted campaigns. Our services build brand confidence and improve customer relationships.

What are the benefits?
  • Customized solutions to promote brands, products, and services.
  • Personalized messaging to engage and attract curious customers.
  • High delivery rate with professional, responsive email designs.
  • Presenting the client's image to the customers with a unique look and feel.
  • Targeted emails that factor in customer demographics, culture, and status.
  • Remarketing and sales funnelling to increase the client's customer count.
  • Manual and automated mailing techniques with scheduling and reminders.
  • Package Services

    Monthly Plans
    • We deliver anywhere between 5k to 1000k emails to the customers.
    • Our pricing policy is based on the customer's monthly requirements.
    • The unit price per mail is based on content design, and quality.
    Unlimited Plans
    • We deliver anywhere between 100k to 10000k emails to inboxes.
    • Unlimited pricing plans are suitable for mid-sized companies.
    • We charge a transparent and affordable unit price per each mail.

    The customer-friendly packages include additional value-added services. These are spam analysis, bounced mail processing, and performance metrics. We deliver periodic reports to the clients specifying campaign changes and email readers' count.
    Contact our customer support executive for package and price details. Know more about terms and conditions and choose an appropriate pricing plan. you can contact us, fill an online form, 24/7. We will reply to your order request or inquiry as soon as possible.