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Company Join hands with TechdigitalWorld and have a long-lasting and profitable career. Our company has been built with a futuristic vision. We operate on core principles and have a clearly defined set of goals. Our team harnesses modern technologies to assist various business verticals.
You will not just be having a fruitful career with us. We will help you reach new heights. Our dedicated leaders will shape your future personality. They will assign meaningful work and motivate you to innovate and even invent. Be part of our team and work in a resourceful environment.

Company Overview

TechdigitalWorld is an innovative, 21st-century software technology company. Our core capabilities are software development and digital marketing. We offer cutting-edge E-commerce solutions and low-cost SEO packages. We also market content and brand names on social media.
Our development operations cover web sites and mobile apps. We also offer Wordpress, Laravel, CRM, and ASP Dot Net solutions. We work with a futuristic vision while relying on a set of core principles. Our goal is to satisfy customers with inexpensive and scalable software solutions.

Job Designations

TechdigitalWorld hires enterprising and self-reliant individuals with talent. They should have reliable technical skills and communicate effectively. Our team leaders expect nothing sort of excellence while hiring professionals.
Some job positions that are available at our software and marketing company are listed below

Marketing Opportunities
  • Digital Strategist
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • SEO Lead
  • Web Marketing Specialist
Software Development
  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Senior Software Engineer

Note:These job designations are indicative only. We also have openings for various other positions. Our senior management stresses the need for highly skilled and competent pros.

How Do We Hire?

We hire competent, career-minded individuals for different vacancies. The candidates' skill sets are divided into beginner, intermediate, and expert levels. Those who fail to satisfy our selection criteria will be rejected or suggested an alternative position.


Ideal candidates are sourced using social media and referrals. We also use our recruiting network, job boards, hiring databases, and online searches.


Applicants' CVs are evaluated to assess potential and skills. Shortlists of eligible candidates are prepared for interviews.

Personal Interview

Candidates' personality, character, attitude, and other traits are assessed. Their soft skills are also evaluated before making the right decision.

Technical Interview

Candidates without technical skills are rejected or redirected to other posts. Those who excel in technical skills display will be preferred over others.

Hiring and Onboarding

The most talented candidates are hired transparently. They are eased into the company's culture and work environment.

Training and Work Assignment

New hires are also trained and guided by experienced team members. They are assigned trial or real project work to assess all the key performance indicators (KPIs).
In conclusion, TechDigitalWorld is a cutting-edge software solutions provider. Our sophisticated services cater to a diverse clientele. We implement solutions that help our customers succeed in their business. So, we choose aspiring candidates with marketing and engineering skills.