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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

The Internet is a digital medium and there is no dearth of data. Metrics and analytics become very important in such a scenario. At TechDigitalWorld, we don't just offer cutting-edge marketing solutions. We also ensure high standards of accountability by relying on measurable feedback.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

In digital marketing, various strategies are implemented to increase traffic. A client expects digital marketers to deliver on their promises. One of the objectives is to increase the number of visitors or users to a client's website, mobile apps, and social media platforms.

Both unpaid SEO techniques and PPC advertisements are efficient. They attract organic as well as paid traffic to a client's website. However, attracting traffic is not enough to compete and thrive on the Internet. The curious visitors have to be converted into prospective buyers and subscribers.

CRO is a reliable marketing process for assessing the customer's behaviour. A visitor becomes a customer when he or she completes an action on the website. The optimization system's main objective is to increase the percentage of such conversions.

Effective Steps

TechDigitalWorld has an uncompromising approach towards CRO. We value our client's digital assets, business requirements, and sales targets. We assist them by implementing effective solutions that promise high returns on investment -

1. Website Optimization

Modern customers are tech-savvy, well-informed and judgmental. To engage them, we optimize the client's website. Since search engines are the gateway, keywords and phrases are optimized. Our experts also modify other components of the website to achieve desired outcomes. They edit the meta and image tags to improve search engine indexing and get a higher ranking.

2. Landing Page Simplification

Marketing success hinges on the quality of landing pages. The visitor lands here after clicking a search, mail, or promo link. Our marketing and design specialists improve the elements on this lead generation page. They improve the page's features to convert visitors into customers. The optimized elements are call-to-action buttons, direct sales offer, contact details, headlines, etc., Our experts rely on the best Website Optimizer tools to detect and eliminate common design mistakes. They also enhance the user interface (UI) elements to deliver a memorable customer experience(UX). They add contrasting colours, brand logos, testimonials, badges, etc.,

3. Testing Strategies

Increasing website visibility and maximizing customer exposure is essential. But conversion rate success requires superior testing strategies. The website and landing pages are prepared for an efficient test. A suitable strategy is chosen from A/B, split, and multivariate testing methods. The test results are carefully interpreted to generate feedback for further modifications.

4. Mobile-friendly Designs

The use of mobile phones and tablets has become all-pervasive. This trend has created the need for responsive websites. Our dedicated marketing team at TechDigitalWorld satisfies this demand. They offer innovative, mobile friendly solutions with touch screen sensitivity. Our experts’ factor in screen orientation, thumb usage, navigation, menu, and CTA buttons.

5. Strong Sales Funnels

We offer overall optimization with multi-stage sales funnels. Our strategy focuses on higher customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates. At each stage, the conversion plans are implemented to achieve pre-defined, time-bound targets.