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In recent years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of smartphone users across the globe. Going by numbers, mobile users have surpassed the users of desktop or laptop computers by a huge margin. Taking this trend into consideration, Google has highlighted the mobile-friendliness of websites as one of the important criteria for featuring in the front pages of its search result rankings. As such, it has become mandatory for websites to be mobile-friendly SEO practices to remain relevant and in the hunt.

Mobile search optimization (MSO)
Mobile search optimization (MSO) is centered on gaining a better ranking by optimizing the content of a website. It helps generate healthy traffic by improving the position of a website in the search engine result pages. Despite the presence of several search engines on the Internet, Google dominates the scene. This is due to its global share of 95% of the mobile search market.

How mobile SEO differs from desktop SEO ?

In spite of a few similarities of the tactics between mobile SEO and desktop SEO, the two differ from one another in several ways. This makes it necessary to follow the strategies for mobile search optimization (MSO) to reach out to the target audience among the users of mobile devices. Here is a list of factors that separates the two entities.

  • While desktop users search with keywords, the users of mobile phones have other ways of accomplishing this task.
  • Most mobile users refrain from visiting websites that involve scrolling. This is due to the smaller size of mobile screens in comparison to that of desktops, which makes it difficult to scroll through. Plus, mobile users are highly focused on their searches.
  • Unlike desktops, mobile devices use distinct quality signals for ranking websites.
  • Mobile search makes use of a different algorithm, which alters the appearance of search results on mobile phones in comparison to desktops.

We provide a comprehensive solution to mobile SEO The aforementioned differences are all set to gain prominence along with some additional requirements in the Mobile-SEO strategy today for business websites. From our experience in the industry, our SEO professionals understand and acknowledge the importance of mobile SEO for the generation of organic traffic to your website. We can help your website feature on top of the search pages of Google with our mobile-friendly SEO strategies based on your business needs. This will help you reach out to people who are looking for goods or services on the Internet which your business deals with. Be in control of the mobile SEO strategy To-Day for your business website, and stay a step ahead in the competition by investing in our services.