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ORM Packages

ORM Packages

TechDigitalWorld is a full-fledged technology company for the 21st century. We offer digital marketing as well as software development services. And our expertise is not just restricted to SEO, Email marketing, and content promotion. We also offer sophisticated ORM packages to our clients.
ORM or online reputation management is a crucial marketing service. It is necessary to ward off online competition and improve brand equity. The ORM services influence customers' views of a company's products and services. Our marketing specialists assure these very essential solutions.

The Case for ORM Services

The mobile-friendly digital landscape has become very competitive and nervy. Impudent customers and pay-to-play operators can ruin a brand name very quickly.

  • Social media channels and influencer blogs have also become very popular. A company's sales suffer if these platforms have negative content about products and services.
  • Online review sites are a constant source of irritating views and opinions. They encourage negative reviews, customer complaints, rumours, and gossip.
  • Anonymity is a great asset as well as a liability on the Internet. Unverifiable content can easily be posted online to tarnish a company's reputation.


Managing Digital Assets

Client's digital assets like web sites, blogs, and social media accounts are valuable. We monitor and manage them to remove negativity. We also mitigate slander, rumours, and baseless gossip.

Active Brand Promotion

We promote positive content about your products and reviews. TechDigitalWorld will also do active brand promotion for increased visibility. We use tactics like review ownership, paid ads, and reverse SEO to build positive messages

Individual Reputation

We also market a positive image of high net worth individuals. Our experts restore and promote the popularity of celebs, sports stars, senior managers, investors, etc. We also deliver ORM services for popular tourist destinations, resorts, clubs, and sporting arenas.


Content's authenticity and authorship are very significant. We can handle author tags as this type of ranking is still effective on Google SERPs. We focus on topical content authored by domain-specific experts and influencers.

Conflict Resolution

We do fast and accurate monitoring to nip the negative reviews in the bud. We respond to complaints with alacrity and improve your brand name.


  • TechDigitalWorld utilizes the latest social listening tools. We analyse sentiment and promptly deliver custom-built, data-rich reports.
  • Our online review monitors locate negative content to facilitate quick and easy resolution.
  • We rely on complaint site searcher tools to identify and eliminate unsubstantiated ratings.
  • Our specialists use a tracker to strategize and deploy the highest quality backlinks.
  • We can also set up automated brand alerts to prevent the spread of negative content.


TechDigitalWorld has multiple ORM packages with variable pricing plans. Clients can subscribe to our Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages based on their needs. With each option, the content quantity, promotions, and updates increase in number. For example, the Gold package assures more blogs, articles, social bookmarks, and marketing channels. Contact our customer services today and sign up to seek our assistance in selecting an appropriate plan.