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What is SEM?

A website's search engine ranking can be improved in different ways. SEO focuses on content, HTML tags, and link building tactics. Clients who can pay for online advertising can choose SEM strategies. TechDigitalWorld offers these reliable Search Engine Marketing solutions at affordable rates.

SEM specialists manage Google Ads campaigns, keyword research, and site optimization. Our experts will not only find new customers but also help increase sales. They ensure that the brand ad reaches the right customers. We also combine paid marketing with long-term SEO and SMO. PPC or Pay-per-click is an SEM strategy that targets SERPs. We select a low-cost model to suit your company's budgetary limits. Our marketers will strategize and bid for the most popular ad spaces. They will also ensure that the ads get published on time to drive up traffic to a client's website.

Search Strategy

We make sure that the client site's ads appear on Google's SERPs. We do keyword research and handle latent search index, popular and long-tail keywords. TechDigitalWorld follows the best practices and delivers trendy, related PPC campaigns. We rely on the latest PPC tools to increase your brand visibility. We guarantee a winning strategy that also factors in online competition.

Cost per Click

We deliver value-added PPC service to maximize your profits. Our specialists ensure a high rate of on-screen impressions. Their campaigns will also factor in cost per clicks (CPC), and cost per million impressions (CPM). We set-up a carefully calibrated and goal-oriented ad plan to achieve success. Our high standards of efficiency will focus on increasing the traffic to a client's website.

Affiliate Marketing

TechDigitalWorld offers scalable PPC Affiliate Marketing plans. We strategize an effective campaign targeting all kinds of websites. Our marketers will also bid for ad space on sites with decent traffic. And if the budget permits, we affiliate even with low traffic sites. We promote your ads, products, and services with excellent and engaging content.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We use refined keywords to lower CPC and increase the conversion rate. We also lower the cost of ad space bidding to assist your clients. We give more priority to converting visitors into loyal customers. This funnelling strategy is more valuable than simply achieving top ranking in SERPs.

Effective Services
  • We conduct an initial SEO audit and recommend ideal landing pages.
  • We have different pricing plans for total keywords, mobile, and Gmail ads.
  • You can contact our PPC team through mobile, email, or chat channels.
  • We track the project progress and deliver insightful, periodic reports.
  • We manage the campaigns and accurately track return on investments (ROI).

PPC Packages

TechDigitalWorld offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold expert PPC packages. Choose a price plan as per your company's ad budget allocations. We set up a viable campaign and perform ad optimization. Our PPC team also offers monthly reports on Google Analytics. Contact our customer support services for additional information. Find out more about package duration, monthly fees, and list of services. Select the best option to achieve quick, tangible results.