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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

In the digital world, data has become very significant. Web data and metrics are essential for analysing online performance. Otherwise, a marketing campaign will fail to produce the results. With measurable goals and objectives, customers can be efficiently engaged and converted. Having a web presence is not sufficient in this day and age. You have to collect, analyse, report, and profit from web data. But this data has become voluminous in recent times. TechDigitalWorld can manage this complexity with advanced tools. Our experts also apply the results of these analytics.

Types Of Data

Mobile-friendly websites are capable of generating a sea of data. Our marketing specialists design a goal-oriented strategy to pick the right metrics. They measure and collect the following data -

Traffic Sources

Visitors to a website can come from various sources. They include blogs, social media platforms, email links, influencers, referrals, affiliate marketers, etc., This key metric helps the marketing analysts to achieve social channel integration.

Number of Visits

The total number of times a visitor has been on the site is crucial. If a visitor lands on the home page, clicks a few links, then leaves, then it is one visit. The platform or device used by the visitor to check out the site is also an important indicator

Specific Views

It is the number of visits during which specific pages are browsed. This metric highlights the popularity of unique content. The data can be from landing pages, contacts, blogs, services, etc.

Bounce Rate

The number of times a visitor leaves the site from the landing page. It is generally expressed as a percentage to understand the site's design flaws.

Session Data

This data pertains to the number of pages browsed per visit. It is a very easy metric to identify and assess the popularity of engaging content.

Conversion Rate

This is a sales-strategy related metric to win over customers. The visitors are funnelled through a sales tactic and converted into a subscriber or buyer.

Efficient Analytics

Web analytics is a multi-pronged strategy with well-defined goals. At TechDigitalWorld, Our experts perform search, content, customer, and engagement analysis. They use the data to anticipate any crisis. They also assist the client in improving brand image and sales figures.
However, data analysis requires accurate measurements. Its success also depends on the best practices in scoring and rating. To ensure optimal service, our marketing experts utilize several cutting-edge web analytical tools. They are proficient in using Google Analytics to track key data.
We use the best software to understand customer behaviour. Our experts also analyse key performance indicators. And they design and implement perfect strategies in a time-bound way.


Web analytics yields valuable reports and fresh business insights. Our consultants apply them to deliver these important services -

  • Improve organic traffic and create more business for the client.
  • Optimize the web site's content and design to engage more visitors.
  • Design segmented marketing strategies to target a specific audience.
  • Use the reports to align an organization's goals with customers' demand.
  • Asses the market trends to design far-reaching advertising strategy's