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WhatsApp Marketing Packages

WhatsApp Marketing Packages

WhatsApp is a cross-platform voice and text messaging service. It is also used to make voice and video calls, or share data and locations. Businesses can reach a large number of customers using this service. TechDigitalWorld can assist them in implementing cutting-edge marketing campaigns.

You may wonder - It is just a free, chatting mobile app. How can it help me with my business? As experienced consultants, let us assure you that it is a great platform for marketing. We know how to use the basic and advanced features of this app to reach customers.

Our WhatsApp specialists are also capable of exploiting various software tools. We use these technologies to deliver successful campaigns. Moreover, Our experts can promote your brand in a fast, convenient manner. We offer various WhatsApp Marketing Packages to suit your needs.


Subscribers and customers who are on the client's databases will have to be engaged. We can devise clever ways to connect with these visitors. Our WhatsApp ads will be promptly sent to these well-defined audiences. This remarketing tactic is essential for continuous business.

Brand Promotion

The millennial customers can be targeted to promote brands. Our specialists increase a client's brand awareness by changing the customers' perceptions. We understand consumer behaviour and design a winning marketing ploy. Our services will also ensure long-term brand loyalty.

Customer Relations

Normally, Email listings and social media are used to connect with customers. But now WhatsApp has become a valuable and effective marketing tool. TechDigitalWorld leverages the app's power to promote products and services. We design apt one-on-one and one-many plans.

Targeted Campaigns

Our marketing team specializes in satisfying small business needs. We devise and deploy the best strategy for a small-scale campaign. We carefully select the target audience and design an ad placement strategy. Our marketing schedules are followed to the tee without loss in quality.


TechDigitalWorld offers different pricing plans for different packages. We offer Bronze, Silver, and gold package plans to our diverse clientele. You can choose the appropriate package based on the number of messages, hyperlinks, images, etc., the price per unit is transparent and affordable. Our online service also includes the International SMS option. We also deliver marketing reports to our client on time. Stamp your footprint on this digital age by subscribing to our popular marketing service. Contact our customer support team for more details on brand positioning and exposure.

Twitter is a social networking website that offers free services. It is also known as a microblogging system for sending tweets. These tweets are 140 characters long and they include text, emojis, links, and symbols. The content can also have country flags, brand icons, gestures, and smiley faces.

Text Brevity

Since the short-form text is only allowed, the content is kept concise. Our strategists craft and execute an excellent content plan. They deliver compelling content to promote clients' products and services. We assure a prompt, winning strategy with well-defined objectives.

Millennial Users

The millennial generation has a low attention span for digital content. But, they also constitute a large segment of online shoppers. Twitter is one of the best mediums to reach them. Our engaging tweets will lure them into clicking the client's links for website and brand videos.

Significant Benefits

TechDigitalWorld offers customer-friendly marketing packages. Our WhatsApp services are ideal for start-ups and small-sized enterprises. We have affordable pricing plans to allay the budgetary concerns of these clients. Besides, our accurate messaging services accrue multiple benefits

  • We send engaging, enjoyable, and easily comprehendible messages.
  • Our skilled marketers follow all the best practices to achieve success
  • We offer reliable and hassle-free solutions in a time-bound fashion.
  • Our experts can handle text, voice, video, images, and hyperlinks.
  • You will find new customers with increased brand visibility.
  • A new source of revenue is created for the client's business.
  • Result-oriented campaigns will increase sales and profits.